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The Project

Magnolia Project embarked on a new musical adventure in 2019. Inspired by the legacy of bluegrass music and oral tradition, Meg and Sarah began a multi-media endeavor with the goal of continuing that tradition with a modern-day twist. The endeavor includes interviewing Southern women, and writing songs based on those interviews. The interviews are recorded and filmed, and the resulting songs are meant to serve as a link between past and present. Meg and Sarah hope to add a new dimension to the story telling so essential to bluegrass music. They hope to do this by highlighting the stories passed down by women in Southern families, creating a space for these to be heard, recorded, and added to the bluegrass lexicon of myth and legend in musical form. By writing and performing these new songs as a queer couple, Meg and Sarah hope to further expand the dialogue to question the role and function of gender within bluegrass tradition. 

Magnolia Project is eager to share these new songs and videos with you. Stay tuned as they emerge over the course of 2019!