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Meg Hamilton and Sarah Dunsmore began playing music together in 2014 when they began attending bluegrass jams together in Raleigh, NC. Now they play music based in bluegrass tradition and story telling. Their music is characterized by rich harmony, arresting vocals, and vivid authenticity.

Magnolia Project is invested in song writing to tell the stories of a contemporary South with deep roots in tradition, rural survival, and religion. In their music, you will hear tales resurrected from times long passed, as well as present day narratives. In addition to being musicians together, Meg and Sarah are a couple and strive to contribute to LGBTQ+ presence within the bluegrass community. Magnolia Project hopes that by sharing these intersecting moments they can acknowledge the past that shapes the present, and enliven Bluegrass traditions with new stories and perspectives.

You’ll find Magnolia Project playing as a duo, and often with other musicians. Contributing musicians include Jason Beverly (mandolin, guitar), Patrick Walsh (bass), Zack Mondry (bass, mandolin), Cora Beth Lanier (fiddle), Jeff Ward (banjo), and Andrew Johnston (guitar).